Ryan Bidner is a Level 3 Performance Development Accredited Athletics Coach offering coaching for Athletics: Track & Field, and Cross Country across South East Queensland. Coaching is available for all ages and abilities, whether you are a new beginner or seasoned athlete looking to get the most out of their training.







How do I get started?

Step 1.
Please get in contact

Begin your athletics journey by selecting your preferred coaching option below and complete the linked form. 

Step 2.
Recieve your coaching offer

Your new athletics coach Ryan will follow up for an initial consult within 3-10 days to get you set and ready to go! 

Step 3.
Complete athlete screening

Athletes submit a screening form outlining health considerations, and follow up with a GP if needed.


Programs offered during the school term and holiday


Learn and improve your abilities anytime, anywhere


Get together some mates and receive coaching, together


Book-in your School or Event for bespoke coaching plans

What to expect at your first session?

Athletes will arrive on time at the predetermined training venue to begin their warm up. When everyone is ready to begin, we are be guided by the coach, Ryan, through a range of mobility exercises to determine joint range of movement and flexibility. 

Athletes are then asked to perform a basic physical assessment depending on their age, ability, & event; i.e. Sprinters might perform 3x 20 meter sprint efforts. Strength and movement patterns are also assessed, before finally the athlete warms down to finish.