Cross Country & Running Coaching

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For Parents

Thank you for your interest in Cross Country and Running Coaching! I look forward to working with you to motivate and encourage your children. Not only will they improve their skills and fitness, I hope they will develop a lifelong enjoyment for running too!

The purpose of this program is to increase physical literacy, improve motor skills, develop pacing strategies, learn how to breathe, become stronger, and run for much longer. Each session will be neatly packaged to ensure training is easy for anyone to understand.

If you are looking for a program that will have your child running laps for an hour so they go home exhausted, this may not be the right choice. Instead, participants will receive coaching suitable for their age and abilities to achieve Long-Term Athlete Development. 


Early, Term 2 — Week 1 to 515th April to 17th May 2024

Late, Term 2 — Week 6 to 10 — 20th May to 21 June 2024

The Program


All Participants and any Spectators must complete the relevant pre-exercise screening and consent forms prior to their first session.

You can find and read the full terms and conditions on the Policy page. Remember to check regularly for policy updates.

How to Pay

Pricing Schedule

Payment Method

⚠️ Cross Country & Running Coaching has concluded for 2024, please checkout our latest offer: Track & Field Athletics Coaching